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IFS Therapy in Brighton

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Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy Explained

Internal Family Systems is a method for getting to know, love and heal every part of who you are.

We are all made up of different parts which create an internal community within us. After experiencing pain, shame, rejection or any other form of trauma, if these experiences are not processed properly, our parts will then take on roles in order to protect us from suffering.


Some parts are like managers and help to keep our life in order, others wish to grab our attention and distract us from our pain. There are also parts which carry our deep wounds and intense emotions. All of them have their own internal dynamics, their goals and tactics, and preferred ways of communicating.


The symptoms that bring you to therapy such as depression, low self-esteem, self-criticism, anxiety or addictions are simply parts that are attempting to protect you from overwhelming pain. For instance, a part that isolates you may have the intention to stop you feeling rejection. Or an over-achiever part could be helping you to avoid failure.


When we are living from one or several wounded or defensive parts, it’s all too easy to cause hurt, conflict and alienation within ourselves and with other people.

The Solution Is Found From Within

We all have something inside of us which isn’t a part. It is called the Self. The Self is the core of our being, the aspect of us that wasn't created through experience but rather exists simply because we do. It is naturally calm, curious, compassionate, wise, and patient.

The Self lives in authenticity, it is knowing and understanding, it is our essence. Therefore, it never feels shamed, guilty, angry, isolated or rejected. When we feel into Self energy, we come from a place of love and understanding. Your core self has the ability to communicate with your parts and help them to relax and heal. During therapy I will be helping you to tap into this unending resource of love and acceptance.

It is through taking the time to understand your protective parts, discovering their roles and intentions, that you will gain self-awareness. And through your validation of their fears and suffering, you will be able to access the wounds where deep and lasting healing can then take place. Once this has happened, your protective parts (symptoms) will have no reason to do their jobs any longer. As they willingly relinquish their roles, your Self energy is able to reinstate itself as natural leader, creating a balanced and harmonious system.

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What is IFS Helpful For?

Through learning to love yourself deeply and unconditionally you can heal all manner of things. This includes trauma, attachment issues, addictions and mental health problems.

Creating a loving internal family system reduces stress, creates healthy habits, relieves symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, low self-worth, among many other complaints. It is especially helpful if you feel disconnected or at war with yourself, experiencing uncomfortable thoughts, behaviours or emotions that you struggle with and don't understand.

IFS is a well respected, evidence based method. It is rooted in mindfulness, is imaginative and has the ability to be deeply transformative.

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The Healing Power of IFS

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